Fullscreen 2 monitors, 2 windows, with syphon?

I’ve used Syphon w/ OpenFrameworks before, but never with multiple windows.

ofAppGlutWindow window;
ofSetupOpenGL(&window, 800,600, OF_WINDOW);
ofRunApp( new ofApp());

That works for a single window, but I’m confused as to how I would implement this with the new multi-window offerings in 0.9.

Also, how do you select which monitor you want to toggle fullscreen to? And when I do go fullscreen with multiple windows using ofToggleFullscreen(), it drops my FPS from 60 to 15. Any ideas?

Did you manage to get this to work in the end?

I have somewhat the same setup (I want to have two windows fullscreen on two monitors) and I’m wondering what would be the easiest way to get this to work. An alternative would be to draw everything side by side in a single window and have it fullscreen over two monitors, but I’d prefer to point the two windows at their own monitor.

Not yet. Anyone have advice for implementing Syphon with multiple windows?