Full system hang on newish MBPs w/ Nvidia GT 750M

Not sure where to post about this, since I’m not really sure how much is actually related to OF :slight_smile:

I’ve been noticing some 90s-style full system crashes when doing some OF work. Especially noticeable when getting a new project going, since I’m usually opening and closing an OF app a bunch of times really quickly. It strikes about 5ish seconds after the OF app is closed (usually when staring at Xcode…)

I think I’ve traced this down to an issue with OSX trying to switch back from the 750M to the integrated card. I have gfxCardStatus installed, and I’ve noticed that the system hangs happen when gfxCardStatus is still reporting that I’m on the 750M.

Setting gfxCardStatus to force the 750M at all times seems to be a “fix”, for what it’s worth.

So, yeah, anyone else seen this?

I have 15 inch retina and hangs where I had to restart used to happen to me like 6 months ago. It happened like once a day when stopping and running OF apps alot . Do you get the hangs when using apps like safari? Cuz I used to get that too. It has not happened to me in the last 6 months, so I just assumed the problem was fixed. Are you on the latest update of OSX?

I’m on the latest OSX yeah (10.9.4).

I feel like it’s happened a few times w/ non-OF apps before, but at the time I probably just wrote it off as some weird one time thing.

It happens often enough with OF that I’m sure it’s related somehow, though the relation might just be that OF always causes a switch from the integrated card to the 750M.

Is anything interesting logged to the system console before the machine hangs? You might be able to run sysdiagnose while the hang is occurring and it’ll gather a bunch of system data - the secret handshake to initiate is Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-Shift-Period, it takes several minutes to complete (so leave it hanging for a while) and the output files go to /var/tmp.

Do you have a project that it routinely reproduces with? OF-0.8.3?

My computer has an intel iris and a 750m. I tried opening and closing but don’t seem to be getting the crash with OF 8.3. Before 8.3 the openGL context was not getting cleaned properly on exit( so maybe the OS did not know how to switch cards properly because the context was not cleaned up) . But that issue has since been fixed. You are on OF 8.3 right?

Do you guys have automatic graphics card switching disabled? I usually just leave it disabled and have never run into this (then again, trade off is that my battery life is abysmal).

Yeah I leave it disabled by default. I’ve been setting it to “discrete only” just while doing OF work, and haven’t gotten a freeze since I posted this. It seems to be related, but who knows ¯\(ツ)

hi, I would recommend downloading a fan control app
like smcFanControl and ALWAYS set it to high before launching an openframeworks app
this seems like a graphics card overheating issue, and it can seriously damage your laptop indefinitely.

I noticed that the moment I launch an OF app the temperature goes from 50 -60 to 99-110

maybe it’s because of openGl being single threaded , maybe it’s because of GLFW, maybe it’s because something we’ve done wrong, whatever it is.
openframeworks apps destroy macbook graphics cards in warmer climate countries because of overheating


Also opening the machine and cleaning up the fans helps A LOT

I think that’s a different issue. On OSX, when you have vsync on and the app goes in the background, it jumps to using 100% CPU. You can “fix” it by enabling vsync and doing ofSetFrameRate(60). It certainly isn’t intuitive, though.

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A related topic was discussed on the Cinder forum FPS randomly drops to 30 then back to 60 which might also shed some light or help provide some clues. That said, I’m sure the vsync and framerate limiting implementations are pretty different on either side so…

i am aware of that issue as well, the only way to tell for sure is by installing a fan control application and monitor your computer temperature (while on high performance card)
just set fan speed to high the moment you see the temperature go above 90

i would be surprised if your laptop crashes ever again while doing OF work.

as I said , I had the same problem, (years ago) and to this date the vsync thing makes absolutely no difference to me. This, and cleaning the fans does, If I forgot to enable high rpm while doing heavy OF work with my high performance card set on. things goes bananas.

if I enable the low performance card. I can work with higher temperatures and low fan speed as well just like you do, but why do that?