full screen webcam


I am using OpenCV for image processing and I was wondering if there is a way that the webcam output can be scaled to 1042x768 after a capture of 320x240? I have tried a larger capture but am running in to problems with the framerate.


easy peasy:

ofVideoGrabber webcam; //here's your webcam  
ofxCvGrayscaleImage processedImg; //here's an OpenCV processed image  
//suppose you do something with your images here...  
//and now it's time to draw:  
//first we draw at original size ie. 320x240  
//then we make em big:  

Thanks so much for your help just one last question, I am not actually drawing the processed image or webcam image.

I am just using the x,y information from the points around the image contour, to draw particles but this info remains at 0,0 320x240 so I still cant use it

I do hope I am not being an idiot , is there another way to do it?


hey, It’s fine I have answered my own question by scaling the positions of the points by the same ratio - cheers for your help!

glad i’ve been usefull :slight_smile:

give a look also at ofMap()