full screen not working as expected

i am running Windows7 and have downloaded the FAT version of Codeblocks…

i have been running the examples and everything looks fascinating. The only problem i am having is that the full screen mode (whether it is OF_FULLSCREEN or OF_GAME_MODE) is not always working.
What i mean is, that i execute the project several times, without making any changes whatsoever and half the times i get true fullscreen the other half i get full screen but the taskbar shows above the lower end of the window…
(specifically i have started my go with openFrameworks with the WindowExample, the one a ball is making the window move a little every time it hits the border of the window)

any one how i can fix this??
or am i doing something wrong?

also i would like to know how i can distribute my program, after my first attempts i got the impression i have to give all the dlls included inorder for the exe to work properly, is that correct?

thank you in advance

Hi Bill,

With respect to the DLLs, by default you do need them as well as the EXE.
I’ve read that there is a way to compile and link so that the dll’s get included inside the exe file. I have not tried doing that myself but I do like the idea of it.