Fudicial ID's X,Y position


im using readTIvision & ofTuio.
i can get fiducial ID , xpos,ypos(blob->getFiducialId()…).
but,i can’t get the x,y position of the fudicial ID.(ie. x position of fiducial ID 1)

please tell me how to get the X or Y position of the fudicial ID.

i can getX,Y position of the fudicial ID by using map like this…

include map
using namespace std;

map<int,ofPoint> position;

int id =blob->getFicucialId();
float xpos = blob->getX()*ofGetWidth();
float ypos = blob->getY()*ofGetHeight();
ofPoint xyPosition = ofPoint(xpos,ypos);

cout << position[1] << endl; // xyposition of ID =1