FUCK YOU BUDDY - interactive scenograpy 4 dance performance

hi again

the video for our last performance in recoil performance group is up, documenting the performance Fuck You Buddy, that jonas jongejan and i coded the software for this vinter 2009 - 2010.

we put a point grey camera and some infrared lights, led par 64 cans (dmx from our own arduino, of course) and two nice panasonic projectors on stage.

on the mac, we continued our dive into cocoa, and refined our framework for a modular app combining openFrameworks and cocoa gui, controllable via midi.

there’s links to further info down the page, where you will find a full video documentation of the piece and the google code project.

jonas is cleaning up the code, and soonish we’ll probably make our ofxCocoaPlugins gui code available for general consumption

best / ole


_dance performance
recoil performance group, vinter 2010

a reactive projection scenography for a recoil performance group dance performance. developed with choreographer tina tarpgaard and programmer jonas jongejan.

first edit of the full performance


some behind the scenes stuff from a late night ‘ahaa’ moment



The fusion of “game theory” (a mathematical attempt to pre dict human behaviour) and the dramaturgical development in computer games in the last decade, is the conceptual and visual frame of this performance for 4 dancers and an interacting video scenography.

With graphics and choreogra phy inspired by the totalitarian collectivism in games like “Lemming’s” to the anarchistic individualism in “GTA”, “Fuck you Buddy” is a performance for the sake of the game, a game about winning at any cost and about being born inherently selfish…or?

Fuck You Buddy was from the outset designed to be tour-friendly and as such our software is flexible and easily adjustable for different stage dimensions.

The software is open source and we are very grateful to the openFrameworks community, whose efforts form the basis of our programming work. The software for Fuck You Buddy builds on our move into Cocoa and Objective-C from the Frost performance. We intergrate openFrameworks into a cocoa-based Mac OS X Snow Leopard application running on a mac pro seeing the dancers through a Point Grey Flea 2 IEEE 1394b camera, showing the openGL graphics using two video projectors, shooting diagonally onto a white square of dance floor. The projectors have 0.7 wide angle optics and the software is qued from qLab using apple’s midi networking capabilities.




while the code is full of all kinds of nice trickeries, the application itself is not of much use outside the scope of our performance. apart from a quite big space and a professional dance company, it requires IIDC cams and it works tightly together with qLab, a third party app - and i haven’t even listed the c++ lib dependencies

… the code is messy too - so read if you please, compile if you can - but don’t expect it to compute straight away


That’s amazing !
I’ve got in love many times for exemple when dancers and projection showing ( for me :slight_smile: ) how divided or united are them.

Great project…
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thanks for you comments…

we’ve just got an 8 minute trailer up as well -


it is great
Thank you your work

Great work. Amazing to see the resolution of the tracking you are getting. Could you share some details on the cameras/infrared lights/type of tracking (blobs, contours, gestures)?