Frustum Culling

Hey OF,
I have tried to put this example together for clipping points in the camera frustum. I followed this example, and finally got something working. I also looked at some code in cinder but its too hard to translate to OF.

This is what I have so far

Please pull and hack on it. I think that it can be optimized a ton, plus a ofPlane class would be nice I think…


here’s a plane class i’ve used in some projects, some methods are not complete but i’ve found it really useful



great work, i have been working on the rotation of a camera, and i was going to get on to the frustum.
i want to make a 3dsmax sort of way of moving camera in openframeworks, anyway thought it might be useful,
however it is in no way finnish, and i now have much nicer code function, but i does not plug in to the camera yet.
but this is sort of how it will work.

also you might like my camera tweener add-on for tweening between ofeasyCam