from PC to MAC code transform ?

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the biggest issue with mac / pc integration is acutally in the loading of files, having to include “…/…/…/” to get to the same directory as the bin (see the xcode setup guide for some info)… next OF will have a fix for this.

another small difference is between videoInput (pc) and quicktime (mac / pc optional). in quicktime grabbing video, if you ask for a certain size (ie 320x240), you will get it, but on pc, you might get the nearest size (ie, asking for 320x240 gives you 576x… if you have a dv cam, for example). we are working for a fix which makes this behavior more uniform.

About the texture class, would be good if in your modifications, you inherit the ofTexture class, into another class, that you then modify, so that other poeple can easily compile you code without altering OF. Dont get me wrong: we want people to alter OF (and I do this alot too when I am working and I need some new feature), but we would like people to get into the practice of extending OF classes - especially when you release the project to others, so that compiling and sharing is a lot easier. We don’t want people to have to work too hard to compile examples, and modifying the OF code (unless it’s modifications that will wind up back in the SVN) we can see if going to be a challenge. I can walk you through that process of extending ofTexture - email me or post your code online and I can help…

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