from Director (TTC) to oF - where to start?

(disclaimer: this question is WAY more ‘beginner’ than most of what I’m reading in this section, so feel free to recommend I post it elsewhere…)

I am working on a motion tracking video piece, where motion is tracked from a sequence of images, and triggers blobs of images to appear in a projected video. I created this very raw demo by hand:

I want to be able to track all changes in the source footage (the one on the right) and have those changes start to reveal parts of a base image (what you see on the left.) The video has been pre-recorded so I could do this in AfterEffects, but this is a prototype of a larger project I would like to implement, and learning oF for this sounds exciting.

This is my first time working with oF and my last projects with video & motion tracking were coded using Director and TrackThemColors, but I’m at a loss as to where to start. (I read Nat Stern’s wiki entry on oF for Director users.)

From many examples online I understand I need to use the openCV library, correct? How do I “use” that in oF? Any particularly relevant examples that you can provide?

Thank you!


openCV is the standard tool most of us use for computer vision. Using it in OF is very easy since it’s been wrapped as an addon: you can look in your addons examples folder, open the openCV example and you’ll make an idea of how to use the library and how to track people.

Thank you, but where is the addons folder? In my oF folder I see apps, libs, other, and scripts. I looked in each one but couldn’t find what you’re describing (which sounds like precisely what I need!)

Back on track, thank you! I had downloaded the non “FAT” version of oF so I was missing the addons and addons examples.