Freezing image with a dazzle


I am currently working on a VMWare Ubuntu 9.04 in a Windows Seven pro environement.
I’d like to use openFrameworks with a dazzle to grab a video from a KX 191 camera.
However, when I run the example of movieGraber, the image freezes since the first image.
Would you know where is the problem?

Thank you in advance.

test the dazzle with other programs like cheese or ucview. does they work?
do you have any erroroutpu in the console?
you can add a


to your setup to get more information about the error.

or you can try the packages arturo provided in “karmic packages” thread.

let me know if you find a way to get in running, because i’m searching a good capure device for linux to use it with oF.

Hello Benben,

First, thank you for your fast reply.

Second, I have tested the dazzle with ucview and it runs perfectly.

Third, I have apply your modification into my code and I get this result:

I also test the karmic packages but I have the same result.

sorry for the late answer, but i tried very hard to get oF running for me on karmic.
did you use any special driver?
the output seems ok. i don’t know whats the problem, maybe someone else any idea?
or did you find already a solution?!