Freelancer/collaborator wanted : webcam stream vector shapes

Hi all

Just heard about OF and hoping it could be the answer to some problems I have been having with a flash program I had made for a self contained digital artwork. I prototyped the piece for London Design Festival this year and now need to fulfill some orders. The problem is the current flash version kills the CPU. would OF be more effective on that front?

you can see the video here - with me starring!

Basically it grabs vector shapes from one part of a web cam stream and re positions them.

So if you think this can be done more efficiently in OF please do feel free to get back to me her or by PM. Really I am looking for someone to collaborate with more long term, but also happy to work with someone on a one of consultancy basis.



OF (and C++ in general) could definitely solve your problem handling resources more efficiently.

I’m sending a pm to arrange a more detailed talk.