Freelance wanted for documentary

I’m a French Film maker and I’m willing to shoot a documentary about artificial intelligence (A.I.)
The first part of the documentary could be shot anytime soon and will produce 15 to 20’ of edited footage.
I would like to illustrate how A.I. could “see” things in the near future.

I was thinking of using kinect(s) to record data. And then post process the data to have nice textures.
So I think 3 to 5’ good minute of good edited video should come from this freelancer.

The job will include trips to Lyon, France. Trips to Lausanne, Switzerland. Paris, and maybe Belgium.
Please get in touch with me to send me your portfolio, some of the videos you already made.
Ideally, I’d like the Freelancer to be based in France, Belgium or Switzerland.
But I’m open to everything.
I would also like him or her to give me ideas of things that could be shot (it’s a hard topic to illustrate)


Hey Ben, you got an email or smthg to get in touch ?



Ah yes. Of course I have. But I just don’t want to put it on the forum. Hmmm how can we get in touch ?

New on that forum. I think you can contact me with a private message.

Thierry, I sent you a private message. Check your Inbox.

Hi Ben, Thierry

I am a Belgian based programmer working with Kinect.
If I can help in any way, please let me know.


Kind regards,


Hello Ben
If you need someone in Paris,
I develop interactive systems involving cameras computer vision and some kinect.

contact me at

good luck