FreeImage armv6 warnings

quick question. I’ve got the latest open frameworks iphone package. When I build for the device sdk 3.1.3 I get warnings that a bunch of stuff in free image doesn’t contain architecture information for armv6.

When I run lipo on the library:

lipo -info libFreeImage_iphone_universal.a
Architectures in the fat file: libFreeImage_iphone_universal.a are: i386 arm

It says it contains arm. Has anyone run into this?

Here’s one of the full warnings from xcode:
warning: (armv6) /Users/aaronsmith/Work/mccann/projects/allcity/iphone/frameworks/openframeworks/libs/FreeImage/lib/iphone/libFreeImage_iphone_universal.a(IlmThread.o) object file ‘/Users/aaronsmith/Work/mccann/projects/allcity/iphone/frameworks/openframeworks/libs/FreeImage/lib/iphone/libFreeImage_iphone_universal.a(IlmThread.o)’ doesn’t contain architecture information for armv6.

I quickly realized what it was. when debugger symbols are generated you get this warning. the freeimage lib doesn’t contain debugger information.

does anyone out there have the scripts / make files to build these libraries? I’d like to have a debug/release version of these libraries to suppress the warnings.

also note, you can suppress the warnings when building for release. just open the build settings for the app, and uncheck “generate debug symbols” for the release configuration.