Free version of Visual Studio

I have some projects I need to compile, for pc,
I downloaded VS community as described in the OF Installation Guide

problem is… after a month vs doesn’t work,

is there a free version of this garbage? I just need to compile something for PC ,
If I recall express doesn’t work with OF any more.

@kkkkkkkk VS Community Edition is free. Th month limit is for unregistered users, but after registering and login in in VS, you can use it for as long as you want, and still free (I have over a year using VS2015).

Other option that you may want to check is using QT Creator, but also needs registration and need a proper msys2 installation + dependencies as described in the setup guide; as is a recent adition to the OF support platforms, you can expect minor problems with addons and some old applications.

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ok , so apparently after I clicked the “check for license” key on the right and entered my msn email I had from the 90s it accepted it and it worked…

thank’s drakko,

nah I am staying away from QT

…Codeblocks was the best.