Free and highly relevant beginners C++ and graphics course (video)

I did the usual thing of diving into something new (OpenFrameworks in this case) knowing very little about something critical (C++ in this case!). I’m not new to coding, but I’ve never coded full-time / professionally so quickly hit roadblocks when tackling something in this way. I hit pause on my OF experiments and headed off to learn C++ as quickly as I could. I’ve been surprised to find out that I really like learning from (well made) video courses - I like feeling like I’m at a lecture and I keep pausing and making lots of notes as I go. I found a fantastic free course that I’m sure lots of you know about, but thought I’d share anyway. It’s on Udemy (maybe OF doesn’t like promoting Udemy stuff - undertand why) and for me, is the perfect pairing for an OF beginner.

The tutor (John Purcell) covers the trickier topics of pointers, memory management etc. really well and there’s a full pass of object oriented patterns. The huge bonus from my perspective is the ultimate focus on graphics of the project towards the end - it covers low level creation and manipulation of 32bit RGBA colors, bitwise shift and AND operators, buffers, screen coordinates, buffer swapping through the creation of a box blur filter from scratch - all through SDL2, a C++ media library often used to create games.

I’ve just completed this course (at 1.5x!) and loved it and John’s delivery. I feel really prepared to switch back to my OF projects, and plan to do his advanced C++ course next.

The course is a few years old, but everything worked, compiled and ran perfectly (me on Pop!OS Linux using VSCode). Apologies if this has been posted before here, I searched and didn’t find it. Hope it’s of use to someone.


thanks for the recommendation! this is really useful to know about…

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No problem! I meant to add that using SDL2 as part of the course helps you understand and appreciate what OpenFrameworks offers and why, which is crucial for me to make progress. Very much looking forward to getting stuck back in to oF projects.