Framework not found 0.9.0

Can’t get my project to compile :frowning:.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

is this an older project brought into 0.9?

I generated a new project and moved over the things I needed from the 0.8.4 project (only the src folder)
I also use a ton of plugins which have deprecation warnings but ill get around to fixing those.

hmm, to be sure, if you make a new project in 0.9.0 do you see this error? Do you see this error with the examples that ship with 0.9.0 ?

Here is my attempt to create a project

when I look at the error in that gif it says “framework not found -stdlib-libc++” – is that the error you see? (above it says something about poco, but this seems more related to xcode).

what version of xcode / osx are you on?

do the examples that come with OF compile or do you see the same error?

for the examples I get the same error.

what version xcode? If you hit yellow “update to recommended settings” what does that do?


Version 7.1 (7B91b)

I just tried what you suggested still no luck.

I’m downloading another xcode to test… I am 6.3.2 without issue, I know folks have tested on xcode 7 before and this didn’t come up.

were you moving around xcode? It feels like something is maybe wrong with the xcode install and perhaps reinstalling it will help.

to be sure, I will test on 7…

ps: for reference this is a great listing of how to download different xcode versions:

(and how to have multiple versions installed

I will try to reinstall and see how this works if still doesn’t work ill try an older version of xcode.

I installed xcode 7.1.1 and compiled OF and an empty project without issue.

let me know if you still have problems after re-installing xcode and we can try some other things…