Framebuffer Unsupported on Linux

Using OpenFrameworks 0.8.4 on ubuntu 14.04, I keep getting an error that says


I’ve cut the code down to be the absolute minimal amount possible. It’s just this:

void ofApp::setup(){
    fbo.allocate (ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight(), GL_RGB32F_ARB);

and even that throws the error. I’ve never had this issue on Windows, and after doing a lot of googling I’m still lost. Has anyone else run into this?

your graphics card (or the linux driver for it) probably doesn’t support that fbo format

Yeah, it does indeed work with other formats but can’t use ARB for some reason. Now that I think about it I’ve also gotten errors in shaders before for trying to use arb texture sampling. Thanks for the pointer! What exactly is arb? It’s hard to find anything about it on google.

the naming for that in OF is not very correct, we’ll change it in a
future release surely but it’s just rectangular textures. it is an
extension that supports non power of 2 texture sizes but in new hardware
it’s really not needed anymore. it also makes the texture coordinates be
in screen coordinates rather than 0…1. and it’s sometimes limited in
the features that you can use when using it so it’s usually better to
just disable it unless you are using some older hardware