frame.setUndecorated OF equilvalent


is there a way to hide all the interface of the glut window? like the borders, the buttons… basically everything that is not the actual render of the application.

I remember in Processing it was possible to do so…-ratedtrue/

I just wonder if it is possible in OF too as I want a clean window but not fullscreen.


don’t think this can be done with glut. I did a port of oF to gtk (the windowing system that most gnome aplications use), and with that and some tricks I think it can be done but haven’t tried…

i wonder if 3 years after is now possible to hide all the interface of the glut window.

no we are still using glut so the possibilities are the same although i think ofxFenster can do it but i haven’t tried it yet.


Yes, ofxFenster is able to do it on linux and mac. It should also be possible on windows but it’s not implemented yet.


In ubuntu you can also use devilspie :

Its a very handy deamon which allows you to write simple config files in order to control the way that windows are being opened on your ubuntu machine (with / without borders - position etc etc)



huh! that looks really good

Yeah its actually super for controlling windows attributes in linux!

Someone could also go with flwm ( ) which is a stripped-out window manager for X where you can also modify a lot of stuff but so far I ve found devilspie to be the best and simplest option.