Frame Seductions

I finally got around to remaking a video of the Interactivos Lima project I did earlier this year.
It’s an installation exploring the concept of peering outside of the video frame to create an immersive experience.

The initial prototype was done in Linux using a basic head tracker after the 6 degrees of freedom open source code I found turned out not to be robust enough.

In the current version I upgraded the tracker to use the FaceAPI software from Seeing Machines on Windows, while the video playback is still being achieved under Linux.[attachment=0:3qzd1kx7]lima_exhibition_shot2_small.jpg[/attachment:3qzd1kx7]

nice concept pierre, well done.

yeah hopefully I’ll get to show it again somewhere…

hey , thats really interesting work, great to see. What happens when there are multiple users?

Currently it will latch onto one person and won’t relinquish control until they have left, so it’s meant to be more of an intimate one-on-one experience.

Would be nice to try and incorporate multi-user interaction, but probably this would just create confusion as the perspective moves back and forth between viewers :slight_smile:
Anyway, I’m still thinking about this though…

Very nice work! I love the way the video seamlessly switches to show different clips.

I noticed the head tracking is a bit slow and the delays might distract from the immersive feeling. You might want to take a look at this clip:

It uses Wii-hardware connected to a PC via BlueTooth. C# examples are provided. I tried it and it worked very well. Your visitors would need to wear a cap or glasses fitted with LEDs though, which might not be desireable.

New video!
Also more info here: