Frame grabbing from ethernet cameras

Hi all,
I am wondering about the compatibility of openframeworks with gigE ethernet cameras in linux.
Should I expect that I can use the ofVideoGrabber class to acquire raw data from a gigE camera?

If not, do I have any alternatives?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Have a look here

It is for a specific brand of cameras but I think, (not too sure) that the gigEVision is a standard that should be implemented across different brands.

What camera are you using?

no yet using any camera , but planning to buy and would like to avoid spending money on something that does not work.
I am looking at point grey gigE cameras. They offer an SDK (flyCapture) for linux and it looks like elliot woods had created an ofxaddon sometime ago:
but it is not on github anylonger.

I guess the main question is , can OF grab raw video input?

What exactly do you mean by raw video input?

Point Grey cameras will require an SDK regardless of the camera model. The FlyCapture SDK would work with OF, but if there’s no addon (there should be something somewhere, if perhaps out of date) you’ll need to code it yourself.

Most of the GigE cameras have SDKs I think, so the same thing applies.

ofVideoGrabber on Linux supports V4L and V4L2 cameras (a wide range of webcams). There’s a couple of addons for libdc1394 to support firewire cameras as well.