Frame grabbing and saving images

hi there,
i’m wondering about the best practices of frame grabbing and saving as a movie file from the camera - I am using a pgrey camera - not a v4l compatible camera.
assuming that I grab each frame and same it in an ofImage, I then want to set a ROI and save only whatever is inside the ROI (the bounding box of the ROI with . There is no ofImage::setROI() and I wonder how could I go about it.
also capacity is a concern here, and even though I don’t want to record a lengthy video, I wonder if I could spit frames in an ofVideoGrabber then, or how else could I same the file as a video.

thank you

check out syphon recorder:
you can use ofxSyphon to output your screen to the syphon recorder.

i’m working in linux

i would use ofxVideoRecorder, crop the pixels using ofPixels::crop or cropTo and send the cropped version to the video recorder