frame- and update-rates


i know this has already been a long (and AFAIK unsolved) topic since it is tricky to do it cross-platform.
but i think it is very important to be able to get and set update-rates for Update() and Draw()!!!

bc sometimes (especially with computer vision) you must not use all the performance with your OF-app and spare something for some client-(render)-app …

i mean you can help yourself a bit with your own timing + sleep-routine, the use of ofVerticalSynch or setting process priorities and thread affinity on multicore-machines, but this is suboptimal. it would be very very nice if this comes into next OF!!!


get and set update-rates for Update() and Draw()!!!

hi !

do you mean independent rates, ie update happens at 10 fps, and draw is at 50fps? not entirely sure what you are interested in, but I’ve been thinking alot about threads and the future (multicores, parallel, etc) – and intersted to see if the some of the poco stuff for threading could be helpful.

take care!

Hi didi!

I am not sure exactly what you mean about separate update rates.
Do you mean that you could have something like this.


then the calls go like this:


hmmm - so the draw could sometimes be a little behind but still fast enough to not be noticeable?

can you explain why you would want to set them at different rates?


I’m looking for the answer to the same question. The whole point of having separate update and draw methods is to run them in separate threads so you can decouple the frame-rates and keep drawing at a high refresh rate when updating takes longer. Is this possible currently with openframeworks? If not, of course it’s possible to create a new thread and manage updates separately through this new thread.