Fractal renders in linux, not windows

I’m writing a mandelbrot fractal explorer as a way of learning OF. So far, really nice library. I’m using OF in both windows (32-bit, windows 7) and linux (32-bit, ubuntu).

The issue I’m having is the code (attached) works fine in linux, but in windows the ofImage::draw() I’m using to draw the fractal image is just painting the whole screen using the current color from ofSetColor(). Any help here? Thanks. Albert




Hello Albert, mi name is Claudio from Argentina I’m learned Of for mi posgraduate thesis in electronic arts. I need a code of fractals in OF, i believe help you in colors theme. I like your code but when click the links the page its redirect here : I traduct, for you, the mesagge in this page: “The page what you wish see not exist or its private” them i not download your code. You can send me by e mail the code ??? at
Thank full. and sorry for mi bad English.
I work in ubuntu 14.04 32 bits

PD : I logged in here.