FOSS art communities++

Hi. I’m excited about OF too.

I am a berlin-based programmer who also does composition. My computer/programming interests have taken me out of other (nice) programs like supercollider and put me into using c/c++/obj c to do what I need. I thought about using other cross platform tools like wxWidgets, but this is more of a solo endeavor. In the end, the community of OF looks very promising, allowing contributions from both directions.

I also work on the development of some open source programs (Audacity/FFMPEG) but do my own/group projects involving experimental synthesis/hacking code (,, genesynth(

I was recently at linuxtag in berlin and although it is primarily a commercial event, it is the largest one of its kind in europe, so it was kind of strange that there was no evidence of the art open source movement there. This was in contrast to transmediale, where the awesome FAT guys were there to show me OF. I hope open frameworks can bridge this gap and more foss guys also come into the art programming direction.