This message is mainly for Kyle, but I’m having issues with the forum in general, so maybe others could help.

Kyle McDonald: I sent you a personal message on the forum, wondering if you recieved it.

EVERYONE: Do others have issues posting here and sending personal messages? I have sent a few personal messages, and everytime nothing shows up in my “Outbox.” I have no idea if those messages sent and I just can’t see them, or if they have never been sent at all.

I have also had problems where I spent a deal of time posting on the forum, just to see that when I finally finish the topic and press “POST,” it doesn’t actually post. When I go back to view my response, it’s not there.

Just wondering if it’s just me or if others have issues. I have seen how helpful people are around here and wish I could join in!

Thanks a lot for any help.


i got your message (and replied :wink: ) but i have the same issue. i’ve just assumed they are remnants of the forum migration. i haven’t had the “post” problem – at least, i don’t think, but i do have the “not seeing anything in my outbox” problem.

I think the outbox issue has always been there. I’ve seen odd post issues from time to time, but not usually completely blank posting. Usually it comes up with some error.

I recently saw this option in my profile preferences (Personal Message Options) that wasn’t checked but I hope it works
“Save a copy of each Personal Message in my outbox by default.”

might be worth a try

I probably should have look through those user options first. Thanks, I’ve checked that box and saved my profile, we’ll see what happens next time I send a message.

I’ve sent a message since I have checked the box and it is working for me