forum "repost" error

anybody still getting forum posting errors?

sometimes when i post i get an error saying i’ve posted within last 60secs
then after 60secs i get complaint that i’m reposting the same thing
but nothing ever gets into the forum

only solution is to repost with a different title + content so it doesn’t get detected as a repost
but where has it stored the first one?

had this issue on chrome a while back and safari today

never seen that one (firefox, ubuntu)

me neither with chrome on linux and mac

i got it on 2 internet connections (seoul+manchester) and 2 browsers (chrome+safari)
same computer, 2 OS iterations (OSX SL+LI)

good to hear its not global
bad to hear its just me

are you guys always logged in?

Yes, I’m always logged in.

ok. confirmed this now
if you login (when doing so, I was also choosing to always stay logged in)
and post immediately afterwards (perhaps within 60seconds)
you get an error:

then if you wait 60 secs (waiting longer doesn’t seem to help) and try to post something similar you get this

obviously the main annoyance of this, is that once you get past 60 seconds, you’re not allowed to say the same thing that you wanted to say before

I have the same problem too, and another that seems related:
hen I delete a message (in order to correct it), when I submit it again, it doesn’t appear in the rss feed