Forum dragging/unresponsive?

For the last week or so the forum has often been taking about 10s per page for me. Anyone else? I occasionally get a 500 error

yeah, same here

ditto, the last 5-7 days it’s been this way.

I’ve also been getting lots of 500 or 503 errs when trying to post replies if that helps someone in wading through logs, like Kyle, it’s only the last week or so.

Oddly, while trying to post that last reply, got this:

Got error 28 from storage engine - check database storage space or contact the server administrator.
File: /home/ofadmin/
Line: 1410

Note: It appears that your database may require an upgrade. Your forum’s files are currently at version SMF 1.1.15, while your database is at version 1.1.13. The above error might possibly go away if you execute the latest version of upgrade.php.