Forking addons and git

Hi All,

I’m currently forking an addon (ofxSick) and want to track the fork’s changes with the project. As the addon needs to live in the addons folder (is this strictly true?), this isn’t straightforward.

One approach, which isn’t ideal would be to keep the addon in the project directory, and symbolic link it to the addons folder. This has the problem of the addon only existing with the project, which if moved or deleted, makes the addon unavailable to other projects.

Does anyone have a workflow for this scenario?



the typical solution for this is to use git submodules, the addon lives in the addons folder but you also include it in your project as a submodule

So for syncing:

  • push/pullings to a remote
  • having the /addons/ofxAddon as a remote of project/ofxAddon


I’m leaning towards the second option as it makes offline sync possible.