Force resolution when in full screen/windowed mode?

So it seems things get “messed up” if the user resizes the window. I’m doing stuff with webcam output so I would like to keep a constant resolution and not have to worry about placement/relative size of items causing problems when the user wants to resize the window or go full screen.

Ideally the resolution would be higher but still keeping a square (it seems most webcams are squares but most monitors are widescreen/rectangles :confused: )


I’m not sure I’m getting your problem correctly: you can draw your stuff using absolute values (ie: ofCircle(10,10,10):wink: or relatives ones (ofCircle(ofGetWidth()/2,ofGetHeight/2,10);); of course the latter method will adapt better to window size changes.

Speaking about webcam resolution i would say that if you need to actually show the captured frames you’ll want to setup the cam at the biggest possible resolution, if you only need to work on them in the background you’ll probably want to capture small images and make a ratio.

If you want to toggle between window and fullscreen you’re the one that need to plan how your app will behave in these two states: will it just adapt/deform the contents? will it mantain a correct ratio? etc…

there can’t be a default way to do this since different software will need different behaviors.

Well I guess what I was asking is why does full screen change the resolution of my app? I would like to specify what resolution the full screen app uses. I suppose it depends on what the monitor supports…

If I just do things relative to the resolution… it seems like things will slow down if the user has a really high res monitor?

ok, now I got it. Personally when I want to draw the same amount of pixels regardless the window size I simply use an FBO of the resolution I need