Fonts MacOS X

Hi guys,

I’m a complete oF newbie, just doing some preliminary research. It’s my first post, so be gentle :wink:

Is it possible to get an array of the bezier points and control points from a text string in oF?
I envisage inputting a string, specifying a font, and receiving either a simple 1D array of point data, or a 2D array, with sub-arrays for each character.


welcome to the dark side Alex! :wink:

Hi memo,

I thought this is where you’d be hanging out :smiley:

I’m merely flirting with Darkness at this point. Just saw vade’s post about oF and Quartz Composer, so I thought I’d have a look at what openFrameworks could do.

Thanks for the info, also. Looks like I might be best investigating some of the builtin OS X Cocoa font/bezier tools for a start. Still, lots of possibilities. I’ll add it to my list-of-stuff-I’d-like-to-do-but-probably-never-will…


Just to let you guys know it should be possible to get back the data as bezier points.
This might be something we add to the next release or at least 007 when we have a proper way to describe/store a shape with curves.

In the meantime feel free to give it a try!


Hi theo,

thanks for the info. Sounds cool!