Font set spaces size

Hi, I’m using the method setSpacesSize to change the dimension of the space between the words. It looks like it has no effect, I’ve tried with different fonts but I’ve always the same result. Am I doing something wrong?

ofTrueTypeFont font;
font.loadFont("OpenSans-Regular.ttf", 30);

Are you using master/0.9-nightly build? If so, can you report on github? Mine doesn’t seem to work, either. Apparently things have changed a bit, @arturo?

yes, nightly build. I will open a new issue.

The issue is fixed on the master branch

In the nightly of 31-10-2015 the font.setLetterSpacing(float); does not work. Changing this value don’t change the font rendered. Here my code:

font.load("BEBAS.ttf", _fontSize, true, false, true, 0.4, 72);

i’m testing it and it’s working for me fine

hmmm, I want to increase the space between words in a sentence, is it this method supposed to do this? If not, how can i do it otherwise?

yes but it’s doing that for me, can you post a smal example that shows the problem?

Ok, problem solved. I’ve read the docs of setSpaceSize and getSpaceSize, and I’ve thought that setting space size to 2.0 will make a space big as 2 p between the words, but that was not happening.
Here 3 screenshots, with relative code, the last one does what i want:

font.load("verdana.ttf", _fontSize, true, false, true, 0.4, 72);

font.load("verdana.ttf", _fontSize, true, false, true, 0.4, 72);

font.load("verdana.ttf", _fontSize, true, false, true, 0.4, 72);