Font antialiasing on Windows 8.1

I’m porting over an app from Mac to Windows. Everything works great, except the font smoothing isn’t great on Windows. Had a look through the forums and can’t see anything that would seem to make a difference.

Is there anything I can try or be aware of? I’m using 0.8.4

Hi @bjdawes. I think ofTrueTypeFont got a lot better with 0.9.0 with things like better kerning, and maybe better antialiasing support too? You can also check out @armadillu’s excellent ofxFontStash, which is very fast & flexible, and may be easier to swap in than upgrading OF

Hi Matt,

That’s great thanks. I can’t upgrade right now to 0.9.0 as some things don’t compile in the new version but I’ll take a look at ofxFontStash - cheers.