Folders in Visual Studio

(afaik) Visual Studio can’t deal with folders
it seems to despise them, or at least ignore them sufficiently to poke annoyance at the user
e.g. if you drag in a folder with subfolders, vs just takes all the files and dumps them flat in your project
also you then need to go in and manually add all the folders to the include path

in XCode it’s much better[sup]1[/sup] at this task. It automatically adds those files to the include, and arranges them as folders.

This is specifically good for things like addons (just drag them in)

So my question is, what is the alternative strategy for this in Visual Studio?
Do I just have to spend an hour each project manually adding all folders, dependencies, etc
Perhaps a very thin project could exist that defines all the libs, paths, files for an addon. and then just drop that project into your app project? Still doesn’t deal with rebuilding app projects themselves.

[sup]1[/sup]Visual Studio is awesome at lots of things, but i’d say here XCode wins outright

i presume we should be compiling ofx’s to static libs (?)
and then VS can just link the .lib and the h’s (still get issue with the path of the h’s)

i really have no intention of changing my project layouts for Visual Studio, so just hoping there’s some effective ways around redoing this all
one option i presume would be to start using paths on the includes (then would only need to add 1 folder to include path)
but this isn’t the ‘openframeworks way’ as can be seen from core source