fmodex.dll not found error with vectormathexample

so when i try to run the vector math example from this directory ->

everything seems to compile fine but upon execution i get the following pop up window error.->
fmodex.dll not found.

i’ve run plenty of other examples. vectorGraphicsExample works fine. Just vectorMathExample is problematic.

I can find this .dll online and install it on my machine but i’m not sure that’s the right answer. any thoughts here?


for kicks i installed the fmodex.dll and now i get the following windows popup error->
The procedure point _FreeImage_AllocateT@28 could not be located in the dynamic link library FreeImage.dll

From a brief search of FreeImage, i realize i can download freeimage and compile it for various things but i’m guessing this is probably related to a larger install issue…

No you shouldn’t need to install anything. Installing fmodex will solve that problem but not the others…this is not the way to go.

The applications look for libraries in the libs folder, which I think for codeblocks windows should be copied to the “bin” directory for each example.

I’m downloading codeblocks for windows package now to have a look.
Check the folder structure of the vector example to see if anything is missing compared to the other examples.


I think the vectorMathExample just misses some .dlls and the fmodex is the first the .exe is looking for. Just copy the following .dll files from the vectorGraphicsExample and it should work fine!