fmod help


I’m quite new to C++. Trying to create a project using 3D audio.
I am slowly reading through the openFrameworks and the FMOD Ex Library in the book, Programming Interactivity 2nd Edition.

Whenever I build and run I get about 28 errors… I won’t list them all here but a couple of examples …

/Developer/of_preRelease_v007_osx/apps/examples/3DExample 2/src/Sound3D.cpp:59:0 /Developer/of_preRelease_v007_osx/apps/examples/3DExample 2/src/Sound3D.cpp:59: error: expected primary-expression before ‘int’

void fmodApp::setup(){ new types may not be defined in a return type

Again I am following the book so closely and don’t know how to deal with all the errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you zip up your project and post it somewhere that I can take a look at? It seems like the build path might be off? I want to make sure you get this working.

Joshua thank you for your response, I should have checked back in much sooner than now! I urgently needed to get my project started so I’ve ended up using fmod ex in visual studio.
But if I return to my mac and OF I will message you

Thanks again