FMOD error on XP with CodeBlocks

I’m working with some underlying FMOD functionality and I’ve been working up to this point on my OSX machine w/o problems but as soon as I move over to the XP machine that this will actually be deployed on, the linker is bailing with:

obj\debug\src\omsiApp.o:C:\Documents and Settings\omsi\My Documents\of_preRelease_v0061_win_cb_FAT\apps\omsi\omsi\src\omsiApp.cpp|781|undefined reference to `FMOD_System_AddDSP@12'|  

Is the version of FMOD different in the win+codeblocks download or is there anything else I might need to do?


edit - updating to fmod Version: 4.32.00 seems to fix the problem. Should I file this as a bug? Or is fmod going away in 007?

Ha! Went looking for this error and found this post. Same error, same *project*. :wink: Thanks, was already downloading new FMOD but wasn’t sure if it’d be a fix.