FMOD conflicting DLL file problem?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to get some sounds working through FMOD in openFrameworks. But I can’t seem to find why I am getting the following error on running my code. I first tried to use ofxFmodSoundPlayer2, but this was also giving this error. So I copied the part that is giving an issue to a fresh project, to see if I could find what is happening. But I cant seem to get it working…

static FMOD_SYSTEM * sys;
static int ofxFmodNumDevices = 0;
static std::vectorstd::string ofxFmodDeviceNames;

void ofApp::setup(){

// **************************** SELECT DEVICE **************************

static bool listCreated = false;

if (listCreated == false) {
FMOD_System_GetNumDrivers(sys, &ofxFmodNumDevices);

  for (int i = 0; i < ofxFmodNumDevices; i++)
  	char name[256];
  	FMOD_System_GetDriverInfo(sys, i, name, 256, 0);


It crashes on running the function the FMOD_System_GetDriverInfo(sys,i,name,256,0); And I get the following error:

Can’t find access point of procedure FMOD_System_GetDriverInfo in DLL file D:*projectdir\bin*projectname.exe**
EDIT: Or maybe (because i am not sure about the correct translation, I got the error in dutch): The procedure entry point FMOD_System_GetDriverInfo could not be located in file D:*projectdir\bin*projectname.exe**

I understand this problems normally occur when a DLL and the Application.EXE are at conflicting maintenance levels.

But I have no clue what this has to do with this function because without the function the application is running fine. Except that no sounds will work because it is missing an important part of the code of-course.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on here?

Thanks in advance


Ok, I seem to have fixed the problem myself now. I first downloaded the latest version of FMODex sdk and replaced all lib, inc and dll’s in openframeworks for the newer FMODex(Stable 4.44.59) do not forget to update the linux files if you do this! This did not immediately seem to fix it, but I assumed I needed to clean and rebuild the my whole project to make sure this new files are fully integrated into my project.

So I did that, and after rebuilding my output window notified me that fmodex dll’s where rebuild and after this my project runs fine.

Now I have to admit I didn’t run a clean/ full rebuild before I downloaded and replaced the old FMODex sdk with the latest. So maybe a full clean/rebuild would have been the solution here, but I didn’t really understand what was going on until I fixed it.