Floor Projection material / IR

Hello Guys,

for the tracking of people walking in a room from above with IR light / IR camera I am searching for the right material to use on the floor.

Since it is around 4x5 meter I would prefer paint, does anyone have experience with this? Otherwise does it make sense to use front projection screen-material, like the one from gerriet? http://www.gerriets.com/en/products/scr-…-=-1&BZUU=1

of course it shouldn’t get dirty very easy.

Thank you for your help!


in my experience, as long as it’s not a highly reflective material, you won’t have problems; for a project i’ve been shooting ir on random asphalt and never experienced an issue.

It also really depends what you are trying to do with the light. If you try and make the floor as dark as possible and the people light up, you should find something that appears dark in infrared and/or work with where the light reflects to. But if you want i light floor you must do something else.

thanks, i actually just want to have the projection as clear and good as possible. The main prjected colors are bright blue and yellow.
does anybody now any good paint, or can this actually be any normal white paint?

Hey, I’m currently setting up for an exhibition where I’m doing a floor-projected, camera-tracked project too! What I’ve found is that any white surface will work fine. I am using a visible light camera however, so your mileage may vary. I would recommend a matte paint to avoid hot spots in the camera due to reflection of the projector beam.

I’ve ended up covering the gallery floor with some interlocking floor panels which are painted white with the same paint used on the gallery walls. it WILL get dirty, but you can always paint again.

A friend made his own projector screen and a custom high gain paint by mixing a bright white latex with silver dust.

Also, I’ve found that if you are projecting mainly a single color, or two colors, like in my case, blue and green, I can use the red channel to do my motion tracking very effectively without having to worry about much camera-projector feedback.

Hope some of this was helpful!

Thanks guys, So I will just go for white floorpaint which is matt, so it doesn’t reflect or create hot spots.
Will this come out similar to that: http://www.snibbeinteractive.com/produc-…-ction2.jpg

Does somebody know a brand which is recommended?

See you!