flickr api kits

has anyone come across a c++ api kit for flickr? my google skills found nothing and flickr doesn’t list anything in their dev kits online.


I found this thinking that perhaps you needed an underlying high-level web library like libcurl:

hope that helps -

also, it’s not that hard to run python (or many other interpreted languages) from within c++, so if you would like, I think I can pass on some code that runs python (I was experimenting because it’s impossible to find a good cross-platform zip and the zipfile object in python is very good) and you can try running the python flickr api from c++ code. I’m not familiar with the API, but if you just wanted to query, etc, it might work very well.

take care!!

thanks zach,

It seemed to have worked out doing a sudo hack job with flickrlib… looked good but its disadvantage is that the function names are completely specialized from flickr method names, so you have to rely on googlecode documentation. …

although its worth bringing up that flickrlib doesn’t support non-ASCII characters.

regardless, got it working. python saves the day!