FIXED addons latest versions ( ofxSimpleGuiToo / .. )


I have succesfully installed addons, but I have a problem installing this GUI addon. It asks for ofxXmlSettings and ofxMSAInteractiveObject, but when added to the addon folder it gives errors:

User of undeclared variable ‘setPos’

My best guess this is version problem, but I have a really hard time finding the correct versions of these addons. Memo seems to contribute a lot and I downloaded a couple of versions from him, but with no luck. I’ve tried but no improvements ( errors change though ) and it even 404’s on the ofxXmlSettings link.

At the moment I’m thinking the latest updates of all the common addons should be somewhere, easily downloadable, but only accessable if you defeat the evil frog king at the end of the level. Can someone give me a hand?

OSX Mountain Lion
XCode 4.6
OF 7.0.4

Thanks in advance!

Hi jochem,
I also ran into this problem last week. For me, renaming all the “setPos” to “setPosition” did the trick.
And while you’re on it, I think you also need to rename “isMouseDown()” to “isMousePressed()”.
Hope that helps.

Hi, thanks for your quick response. I renamed them, that seemed to fix those errors. I then got an error at the colorbuilder ( I use the default example that came with ofxsimpleguitoo). So I commented that line out. But then this:

/Users/Jochem/SDK/of_v0.7.4_osx_release/addons/ofxSimpleGuiToo/src/ofxSimpleGuiToo.cpp:75:24: Member reference base type ‘ofCoreEvents &()’ is not a structure or union

well all the “common” addons are distributed with the openframeworks releases, so you get them with OF. you don’t need to download ofxxmlSettings, since it’s a core addon.

for the rest, already helps by offering one place to browse all the addons. some kind of “freshness” marker is on their todo list afaik.

as for the events errors - the addon hasn’t been updated since the latest API change - replace all “ofEvents.” occurences by “ofEvents().” (and then send a pull request to the maintainer :D)

I find this to be one of the most frustrating issues of building w/ oF. An update that breaks legacy applications means one needs to either discard whole projects or constantly work to maintain neglected addons on their own.

With many projects I’ve lately taken to include the source of the addon in the project itself so that I don’t need to worry that an update to the addon or openFrameworks creates instability. Yeah it’s a PITA to migrate applications over but at least they’ll build and run later on.

Thank you! I am looking at 3 pages of interactive buttons! Really happy.

Evil frog kings turn orange when they are defeated (:

jkosoy: do you have a suggestion how OF should deal with addon devs who don’t keep their addons up-to-date? I’m sure we are all curious to hear them.

An update that breaks legacy applications means one needs to either discard whole projects or constantly work to maintain neglected addons on their own.
the third option would be to stay with an OF version you know works… :wink:

in any case, you will be interested in this thread which I believe adresses/solves the problem you have:,-projects,-backwards-compatibility-etc.-/11559/10 (especially,11559.msg51130.html#msg51130)

The frog resurrected… I think.

Apart from the fact that I now have serious issues with having to xcode project files open at the same time. ( Something about a shared library and a bug in xcode, more on that here: )

I simply don’t seem to be able to integrate the addons into my already existing project, this error pops up:

‘linker command failed with exit code 1’

Combined with a very big error log that does not link to any specific code.

the third option would be to stay with an OF version you know works… :wink:

This would be very nice if it wasn’t VERY EASY to throw away your library of working code. When deleting an addon folder from a xcode project, it’s asking, do you want to remove it from this project or do you want me to search your library of working code and try to fk up as much as fking possible? YES LETS TRY THAT.

[quote=“jochem, post:8, topic:12077”]
The frog resurrected… I think.[/quote]
Undead, they are the worst, right?
Sorry can’t help you with the rest of your problems, XCode is “here there be dragons”-land for me.

No worries. I’ll upgrade my sword. Thanks for your help mate

Ok. I got this working.

Just a last update. Started with OF yesterday so can’t really give any indepth guidance. But should provide anyone who wants with compatible versions ofxXmlSettings, ofxMSAinteractiveObject and ofxSimpleGuiToo.

If u ever get an error like:

‘linker command failed with exit code 1’

It’s a dead end, create a new project. I made my project working by letting the project generator create one for me with those above ofx’s included.

And from a 2-days-OF/xcode-experienced person, don’t throw away addons in your project that you don’t use, just let them rest there until the evil zombie frog king comes to take them back.

bilderbuchi: Short answer: Maybe?

Long answer: I think it would require a little more diligence on the part of the community to follow some sort of methodical versioning system. I can’t speak to how each specific implementation is taken care of but I do know that package managers out there (homebrew, apt-get, npm, etc) have cracked this nut. When you create an npm package.json you can specify addon and version and then run npm install from the command line and get correct versions of everything needed.

I have a rough idea of a potential flow but it’d have to be weighed against the repercussions to how addons are currently created. Probably warrants an email or a separate thread.

Apologies if the comment sounded more inflammatory than intended - I was just speaking to a common painpoint and my solution to insure my projects would be more likely to build as openFrameworks carried forward.

yeah, you’re not the first one to have this idea. sadly, we don’t yet have the infrastructure in place to do all that (but it’s growing)
see e.g. various discussions here: some of those link back to issues in the OF tracker.

Same problem here.
With the fixes that you suggest everything is ok now. Thank you!