"fix/get around" for autocompletion in sublime text (Linux)

Hello, weeks ago i was struggling to set up openframeworks in sublime (linux), and in my opinion it’s tricky and it never worked for me. Since you can create projects with projectGenerator, and compile them with make, i started think that (personal opinion) you just need a text editor that can handle the autocompletion for openframeworks, and that’s it.

So i made the snippets for ofGraphics module, eventhough this may not be the most elegant solution, it worked for me at least. You can use the following script to generate the snippets of your module of choise.

Any kind of suggestions are wellcome

Here are the files + instructions:

1-eventually you can generate the snippets for all functions, but i don’t know how it would work
2-i’m working on a script to generate other snippets, that might require a less brute logic, for instance class methods like ofCylinderPrimitive::getHeight()

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