first time installation OF with SDK 4

Hi everyone,

I have Xcode 3.2.3 and iphone SDK4 installed snow leopard running system.

When i download iphone version of OF, it doesn’t work because of “base SDK missing” error. When i try to change SDK version from project properties to 3.2 or 4 , it doesn’t get fixed. Even it would fixed, why would i do this manually for each project?

Since it’s my first time, i dont have previous SDK’s at my archive. Downgrading is not an option for me.

I see others got OF working with SDK 4 but ,nearly, everyone followed a different path.

Shouldn’t there be a downloadable version of it which is fully compatible with SDK 4 ?

I have the same problem.

Any thoughts appreciated.

it needs to be changed both in the project settings, and in the target settings. There might be a few other settings that you need to change (particularly with the freeimage libs). It should work after you do that.

regarding a downloadable version, these changes do need to be done on each project, but I generally just change them once for the empty project and then use that for all my future projects. Maybe someone will do it on the github at some point.