First project for a creative coder from DK

Hi all

I am new to openFrameworks, but i am eager to learn.

This is why i would appreciate some good suggestions for a good "first project" that is not to overwhelming.

I got a lot of experience in html,css,js, but a total newbie toC++.

Any suggestions?

Do you have any particular interest or end goals in mind? Do you want to work with images, camera feeds, generative visuals, audiovisual content, games, installations or are you looking for more general starting points/projects? The examples provided within the oF distribution are always good starting points, open them up, understand how they work/what they do and break them apart and customise to your own needs.

Personally, I’ve learnt a lot through this repository as well as the ofBook. However, both of these are slightly outdated now since oF uses the glm library for mathematical operations instead of the earlier ofVecXf classes.

Another fun thing to do is to try doing Daniel Shiffman’s Nature of Code chapters within openFrameworks.


There’s also a lot of other repositories linked here: The oF learning resources thread

They are not organised in any manner and the experience level required for them vary, but you could take a look if something looks interesting.

The forum is always there for asking specific questions. Welcome! :slight_smile:


If you have already some coding experience, then probably the best way to start is reading this chapter, then open the project generator and have a look at the examples in the graphic folder. As a second step, have a look at the resources linked by @ayruos. It really depends on what attracts you mostly and what you want to do.

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Thank you so much!

I’m overwhelmed over you getting back to me so fast :slight_smile:

I would like to work towards interaction between human and commputer using webcam, kinect as input and screen as output. I would very much like to dig into facial expressions and detect the different moods which will output different images.

However that is probably a bit far away at the moment. For now i will read your link @edapx and check out the repositories you listed @ayruos.


Then you already have clear ideas :wink:
Start with that link suggested previously. When you feel comfortable creating small apps that draws something on screen, read this chapter and then download this addon in your addons folder. Use the project generator to open some examples for that addon. Look at how contour detection works. After this, clone this addon and have a look at the examples.

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