firmata i2c

Hello Forum.

I am working with an arduino which runs the standardFirmataWithI2C firmware.
go it from here:…-e/arduino/

could someone be so kind to show my how to now use OF to control my I2C device?

Or might it be that ofArduino.cpp does not have I2C implemented?



Old post, but I’m facing the same challenge today.

I’m trying to control a chain of BlinkMs using OF via an Arduino.
I can see some ref. to I2C in ofArduino.h, but I’m not sure how to use it.

would anyone have some advice/examples to get me started ?



ofArduino does not currently support I2C. I will be adding i2c (and support for other boards such as Arduino Mega, Teensy, etc) support either to ofArduino or a new project ofxArduino within the next month or so. If you need an immediate solution, you can currently use i2c with funnel ( in Processing and Flash/AS3. Download the latest version of funnel from googlecode and download Arduino 1.0 rc1 (or later) from the Arduino googlecode page. Load File -> Examples -> Firmata -> StandardFirmata. In Arduino 1.0, StandardFirmata includes i2c support.