Firewire camera not detected from windows startup batch file


I made this little app that grabs a firewire camera input and does some stuff, works just fine - except when I drag a shortcut to the windows (XP) startup folder… It seems that when the computer starts up the camera is not there yet.

I was thinking this has something to do with Windows startup process taking some time before everything kicks in, so I made a little “sleep” program that sleeps for a given number of milliseconds and made a dos batch file that first sleeps (I tried a full minute) and then starts the OF app. Still no luck, I’m just not getting any image.

If I close the app and start it again, using the same batch file or however I run it, everything works fine.

Does this ring a bell? If anybody has come up against this problem please let me know.

I’m using an old firewire cam, a Shuttle PC with an onboard firewire card, Windows XP, OF 006.