firei vs. firefly

I’m buying another b/w firewire camera and im considering a unibrain firei (which i have one of already) or a ptgrey firefly. But i’m not sure which one is better suited for the finger touch, IR light tracking i want to do, and thought some people on the list might have experience with both already.

One thing i’m wondering about is noise ratio. The firei has a bit of noise in it. Does the larger sensor (1/4" on the firefly campared with 1/3" on the firei) have an effect on this? What are the differences in sensor sizes actually?

Price of firefly? (firei b/w is about 120€)
Grabbing image from firewire via SDK on the firefly?

But in general, if anyone has something to say about any of them, good or bad, i’m greatfully listening.


I only had firefly MV both B/W and colour. to track IR a B/W is for sure (you need take out the IR filter from the colour.

It’s works great for me for my multitouch table(DI setup). there is one thing wrong in you post, firefly is same as firei 1/3’ sensor, you can use both driver (depends on how you run you program (windows directshow or pointgrey driver). You dont need to program SDK to run you cam, but if you want to you can.


Thanks, yea i mixed up the sensor sizes, it’s the other way around. Firei has the 1/4" sensor. Ackording to their specs at least. Do you think this gives me a lot more noise in the Firei?

I’d prefer using a SDK since i need to be able to set settings like gamma and brightness from my program on startup. Did you try this with the Firefly? Is there code for doing that without using Visual Studio? That was a problem with the Firei, that the SDK was officially only supported in Visual Studio.


Never tried firefly with SDK, had experience another firewire cam bassler (guess the name was right). had lot of problem with that SDK, so now I try to avoid to use camera SDK as possible as I can . :smiley:

To be honest, I dont think noise is from camera at least nothing will be big different with those two cam. even does with some noise, you can or you should always have a program way to reduce those.

so what is the best product? :o


You can manually adjust settings on both cameras using the libdc1394 library.
The firefly has higher FPS for the same resolutions…not sure if the CMOS sensor chip is noisier than the CCD in the Fire-i. The Fire-i is a little noisy, but for that price you can’t complain too much and it’s a great alternative to the cheaper webcams.

so meaning, if you want a good but cheaper ones, go for the Fire-i… and if ou can avail a little higher price, you can have firefly, is that it?