Firefly RK3288 (armv7) help need

Hi, im putting openframework in all my devices :blush: Now i have on my hand a Firefly RK3288 board, wich is a really good board, im writing this post with chromium on the board :smiley:

I have compiled well a graphic example project but when i run i have an error

    firefly@firefly:~/of_v0.8.4_linuxarmv7l_release/examples/graphics/imageSequenceExample/bin$ ./imageSequenceExample
    libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate
    [ error ] ofAppGLFWWindow: 65544: X11: RandR gamma ramp support seems broken
    X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
      Major opcode of failed request:  72 (X_PutImage)
      Serial number of failed request:  150
      Current serial number in output stream:  150

i have done some research about the GPU, openGL support, etc…
I learned that the GPU is a Mali-T760 MP4 and recently ARM released driver (MALI midgard user space driver download)
I flashed on the board a firmware from firefly site that claims to have “Builtin Mali kernel/user drivers, and compiled OpenGL ES demos from SDK” (
I also read that OpenGLES run only over fbdev and not X11, can it be a problem? :sweat_smile:

Maybe i flashed a wrong kernel version without drivers?

Many thanks, hope to get OF working also in this board! :heart_eyes:

Ok, after updating kernel driver it work!!

I compiled a game that run well @ 60fps on the Raspberry pi, but in this board I get 1fps :frowning: and the color of the images are kinda blue!

The game is just using some image draw, nothing more :frowning:

i tried to build some example, like ImageSequence example give me 40fps.
I noticed that the application start with the window frame, i dont it’s correct cause the driver support fbdev. If i compile the opengles examples they run smooth without windows frame.

Can someone please tell me if there’s some settings in the code/makefile to make the application draw to the framebuffer like the raspberry?


I explain here my steps, tomorrow im gonna do a more detailed post to help ppl with RK3288 chip.

  • Compile kernel with latest ARM kernel driver LINK
  • Replace mali repo library with ARM user space driver LINK
  • Replace GL, GLES, etc…, includes with mali opengles SDK includes LINK
  • Clone pcDuino-dev branch, amazing work by digitalhack to make OF run on mali framebuffer
  • Compile the example as described HERE (it will get some error, nothing complicated to fix)
  • Close X11 or go to tty and run your app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe i’ll fork OF and make a branch for RK3288 boards

BE CAREFULL: When u update your system do not overwrite mali driver, gles and so on

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Hi Vb_mich!!!
Did the device work when You flash Firefly-RK3288_MainlineKernel-Ubuntu14.04_201503191033 to device???
After flashing my LED is not on and USB ports are not work :frowning:

hi tatmarg, i’ve had the same issue!
If you want a prebuilt image the only one that work properly is here (i did’nt tryed the beta one).
But you dont have the HW accelerated drivers. I suggest you recompile the kernel and make a fresh debian filesystem :slightly_smiling:

i try to run openframeworks in a beaglebone black, the graphic driver only support FBDEV, not X11.
when I can do to change it ?
i need some help :sweat:

thanks for share!!!

hi damm_hr13,
have a look at this commit look at all the changes i think you can take them as they are :grin:

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thanks for the reply! i working in it!

Can you provide more details as to how you managed to compile the drivers with the kernel? I believe I need to follow the steps @ When, and where, during those steps do I place the drivers?