FireFly MV – unused for a project

For a recent project our studio bought two colour FireFly MV cameras from PointGrey research for an installation. However because we needed to building the final solution in Flash we had problems getting the source from the camera in to Flash without any third party applications and based on the standard device drivers.

In the end we’ve had to admit defeat and are having to use a simpler webcam for the installation.

We are keeping one of the FireFly MVs for future projects (where we will most certainly be using openFrameworks) but don’t need both cameras. So I wanted to know if anyone was interested in buying the unused colour FireFly MV from us. It’s probably going to make more sense to sell it to someone in the UK than to pay the additional customs and shipping fees again to return to PointGrey, as we’ve already paid once when we ordered them originally.

We have:
– Colour FireFly MV (FFMV-03M2C-CS) / 0.3 MP / Firewire / CMOS
– Manual Varifocal CCTV Camera Zoom lens / 3.0-8mm
– Firewire 400–800 cable