Firefly MV on 1394b port

So we’ve been using the Firefly-MV cameras on older macs (minis and macbooks) with no issues. Now, we need to use them on newer macs, which only have the firewire-800 1394b port. Problem is that the camera doesn’t get detected when connected through this port.

Anyone else had this problem or have any ideas of a solution?

I’ve tried grimus’s ofxVideoGrabber, and even enabling 1394b mode in it… but still no dice!
The camera doesn’t even seem to get detected by OSX, but the camera’s connection LED does turn on.

Hi plong0,

did you read this document:
It could be that you need a cable from 1394a to 1394b :

# Unlike USB and USB 2.0, the physical interface between 1394a and 1394b is significantly different. As such, users will need to acquire cables with a 1394a (4-pin or 6-pin) connector on one end and a 1394b (9-pin) connector on the other.



I presume that you are using a 1394a - 1394b cable since you are connecting the camera and the camera light is lit. I’m using both the color & BW firefly mv with current latest macbook pro with no problems. If you use ofxVideoGrabber you want to set 1394b mode to FALSE. even though on the mac it is connected to a 1394b, you are only sending 400Ms/s not 800Mb/s, i.e. you are not working in 1394b mode.

Tried a new 1394a-1394b cable, and it worked!

Thanks for the infos!