fire-i camera unibrain

hello guys,

Just got Fire-i board VGA color dual port camera and I plugged it but all I can see is very gray vision on it. I can see the camera is working. it’s giving me very crude frame differencing results in my example too. I guess I have to fine tune it. I am using Leopard and I am wondering if that’s the problem. Can any of you advice me how I go with setting up this camera on mac?

I would appreciate any directions.


On leopard this camera should work straight out of the box. Are you sure you code is clean? Also check the camera settings ( videograpper.videoSettings() )
If this does not help it might be broken.

the problem looks like the lens I mount on it. it’s a V-4604-CS model from marshall optics

and it’s very blurry. weird, It fits perfectly on the camera but the image is very blurry.

Actually when I mount the mini-lens mounter and then put a mini lens instead of this CS lens, it works great.

In that case you might need a 5mm ring between the mount and the lense. Mounts are very often C mount which makes them compatible with both c and cs mount lenses. But for latter you will need this adapter ring.

Not surebut might bethe issue,

hey stefan,

looks like the the board base already comes with that 5mm ring and I took it out and and I also took out the ring around the lens and voila!

working like a charm.

thanks for tips.